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Medial is the next-gen professional social media startup built out of India. We are creating an exclusive space for the startup and Tech ecosystem of India. If you’re a PM, UI/UX designer, Product Analyst, VC, Business Analyst, aspiring entrepreneur or operator in a startup, Medial is the place to be.

  • Create your professional one-pager profile to share everywhere. Say goodbye to sharing your Linkedin, Github, and project links in different links. Your Medial link is enough for sharing everything professional about yourself.

  • Get the latest updates in the startup and tech ecosystem of India and closely monitor the happenings. Jobs, Feed and much more are coming soon.

  • Android app is live on Playstore. Search for “Medial”.

  • iOS coming in Sept/Oct.

Our website- https://medial.app

Our Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/medial.app/

Our LinekdIN- https://www.linkedin.com/company/medial_app/

Our Twitter- https://twitter.com/medialapp

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Medial is the next-gen professional social media platform.